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Christmas Greetings is the Third and the last of the Episodes from the Past missions.


Christmas Greetings

Area Snowing somewhere in China

Christmas Greetings Dear Xin, I have killed King. I hope you return to Alderney as fast as you can. We all miss you here around at the Saint’s Row. How are you? I am feeling great. Say... You told me you are going to meet Huang Lee at China somewhere... I think you must relax... Hurry up and go home! We all miss you! PS The Saint’s Row is having a party tomorrow so you better hurry up if you want to join! PPS Naga says Hi.

Otaku Rocks! - Ayano Katagiri

Xin: Thanks Ayano. Through... I cannot find Huang! Damn! Where is he?

Phone Rings

Xin: Hello?

Airport Lady: Is this Mister Xin? Your flight has been

Mountain Cloud Boys: XIN! You degenerate! We have come to kill you!

Airport Lady: by Five-

  • Gunshots*

Airport Lady: Oh, my god what is going on there!

Xin: Call me later...

-Kill all of the Mountain Cloud Boys!-

-Objective Complete!-

Airport Lady: ...5:00 PM December 27, 2017!

Xin: Kay thanks.

The scene cuts to Xin in a Hotel

Xin: Yeah, yeah, Alright thanks.


Xin: Aww Shit!

-Escape the CCDA!-

Xin: Can these people stop...?


Xin: You drive worse than Huang!


-Objective Completed-

Xin: Crap... They broke the Car Ayano gave me... What day is it...? Holy Crap! (December 27, 2017) 3:30 PM. I gotta go back to Liberty City!

-Objective go to China Airlines! Before 4:15!-

-Objective Completed-

Xin: I have finally reached the Airport...


Xin: Aww crap!

Sweet: Hey, CCDA Crap! Over here!

  • Gunshots from a Military Rifle*

Sweet: Come on!

-Objective Follow Sweet!-

Xin: Where the hell are we going!

Sweet: Los Santos!


Sweet: Chill man! We’ll get there! We just gotta visit Ol’San Andreas!

Xin: Fine!

-Objective Complete-

Carl Johnson: Xin my man!

Xin: You can pilot an Airplane CJ?

Carl Johnson: Yeah!

-Welcome to Los Santos, San Andreas!-

CJ, Sweet and Xin waits for the Grove to pick them up... and a Car parks in front of them

Cesar: Holmes get in!

Arrives at Grove Street

Sweet: How do ya like the Grove Xin?

Xin: ...It looks like the Yardies crib at Liberty City...

CJ: Come on man don’t be like that we saved yo ass!

Xin: Yeah, yeah Thanks.

-Objective Explore Los Santos!-

Xin: This place looks cool.

Xin: Maybe I should go here from time to time...

-Objective Complete!-

Xin: I’m back!

CJ: Just in time! We are heading for Vice City Man!

Xin: Wait! I thought we are going to Liberty City?

CJ: We ARE! But it’s China – San Andreas – Vice City AND Liberty City!

Sweet: It’s the last on the list.

Xin: Sure.

CJ: You drive Xin! Imma bad driver!

-Drive your way to the Airport!-

CJ: Hurry and What the hell! The Ballas!

Xin: What the hell is a Balla?

Sweet: Old Rival gangs...

Xin: Okay...

CJ: Cesar you drive this car and you pop em Xin!

Xin: Pop?

Cesar: It means shoot them holmes!

Xin: Oh, alright.

-Exterminate the Ballas!-

Sweet: Aww Shit! There comin in by Helicopter!

-Destroy The Helicopter!-

-Objective Complete!-

Xin: That was crazy...

Sweet: Shit happens man. CJ let’s get outta here! To Vice City!

CJ: No prob!

-Welcome to Vice City!-

-Airplane Lands-

Sweet: Ahh Vice City!

Xin: What is this place...?

Sweet: A Great beaches, weapons and drugs all in one vice!

Everyone except Xin: Vice Citaaay!

Xin: I will never understand West Coast Culture...

-Explore Vice City!-

-Objective Complete!-

Xin: This place is great!

CJ: You said it!

Tommy: Hey!

Sweet: Pasta Boy! Waddup!

Tommy: Hey guys. Wait who’s the Asian?

CJ: That’s my Man Xin!

Tommy: Fresh.

Xin: Your Tommy the Owner of Vice City’s underworld!

Tommy: Yeah but I need you to take care of some people for me.

CJ: We can take care of em!

Tommy: Some new Biker gang named “The Lost” is screwing up some trouble in my city. I need you to take care of em.

CJ: No prob.

Xin: Why do I gotta do this crap...?

Sweet: Chill man.

-Objective Exterminate all the Lost MC in Vice City!-

-Objective Complete-

Tommy: Thank you.

Sweet: No prob my man!

CJ: We gotta go to Liberty now man!

Tommy: Liberty? I’m coming!

Cesar: No problem.

-Objective Go to Escobar International Airport!-

-Objective Complete-

Everyone: To LIBERTY CITY!

-Welcome to Alderney!-

Airplane Lands

Everyone goes outside

CJ: Xin me and my homies gotta go to Colony Island. To settle some business there we will see ya real soon...

CJ, Sweet and Cesar: See ya!

-The Members of the Grove leaves-

Xin: I gotta go to Tommy.

Tommy: No Problem.

Xin: Be seeing you Tommy.

-Objective go to the Saint’s Row!-

-Objective Complete!-

Xin: Home at last...

Jason Voorhees: Xin! Ayano asked that if you could please pick up December from the Airport!

-To be continued in the mission “Remnant”-

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