Christiane von Freiherr
Alias The Empress of Lucidian Street Fighting
Type Human
Role Master Monk

Second in Line for the throne Ivrea

Age 17
Home World Lumen
Family Albrecht von Freiherr (Older Brother)

King Maximillian (Father)

Weapon Staff
Attribute Light
Status Alive

Princess Christiane Andrea Phillippa Constantina von Freiherr is a major character in Kingdom Hearts: Confessions of a Knight. The youngest daughter of King Maximillian of Ivrea, she follows a more independent personality than that of her brother. Her fighting style and the title of being Lucidia's "Empress of Street Fighting" had made her a Lucidian Knight in her own respect.

Early Life

Meeting Cecilie


Christiane is taciturn, stoic, and is known to be the Warrior Poet, having read several poems and written a few that had become more well known than her fighting skill in Lucidia. She is also a determined soul, accepting any challenge a person would put down, expecting to achieve it.

Christiane's martial arts skills are well renowned throughout the Lucid Empire, thus she is well respected. Many people, men and women would challenge her out of honor.

Christiane doesn't talk much, but when she does, people would listen. She is not wise, but through her travels she has known much from previous experiences. She is also a capable leader and is even more reason as to why people would listen.


Christiane has silvery-white hair that she ties in a ponytail. She is 5'8" and weighs 143 lbs. Christiane's nose is rounded and ears are slightly pointed. She is Caucasian in color. Her skinny stature allows her to be more flexible in combat.

When in battle, Christiane wears a purple sleeveless vest with a blue scarf over her neck. She wears a pair of detached black sleeves and black fingerless gloves. On her left arm has a red ribbon tied onto it, while her right arm has two golden bracelets on it.

Christiane wears a black jumper pants and leather boots for traveling long distances.

Weapons and Fighting Style

Christiane wields the Quarterstaff known as "Bright Raven." The Quarterstaff is 4 feet long and is made of a rare wood called Odinsbane. This wood is extremely durable to steel. Rumor has it that it was a gift given by the Valkyrie Queen Brunhild. Christiane wrapped one side of the staff with the same white wraps she had put on her own body. She was given this weapon by her old master. When not in use, her staff is placed on her back via a cloth sheath sown onto her vest

Christiane is an expert at unarmed combat. She is a master of Muay Thai Kickboxing, and knows skills in Ju-Jutsu and Standard Kickboxing. Her MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) style of combat allows her to hold her own in combat against multiple opponents. Preferring Power, Christiane can use powerful strikes and grapple moves to down opponents easily.

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