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Type Chocobo
Role Ally
Weapon Peck Claw
Attribute Choco

Choco is a female Chocobo belonging to Alex Wolf in Kingdom Hearts The Data Book.


Choco is Alex's chocobo. She has been with him since he was a kid. When the Shadow Walkers came, Choco ran away. She walked for days, and eventually made it to where Alex was, however, he was a Nobody at that time. When Alex left to kill his shadow, Shadow Walkers attacked her and she killed them. She runs into Demon Wolf and fights him, but she is hit. The Moogles find her and take her to their home, where they heal her. After she is healed, Alex finds her and takes her out for a ride. On the ride they run into an injured TNE. Alex healed the girl, and they talked. After the girl left, Shadow Walker Heartless came and attacked Alex and Choco. Alex and Choco killed them, and departed afterwords. One day later, Alex meets the girl again, but she does not remember them. Then, demons appear and attack them.

Side Story: Tale of a Wandering Bird

When Alex died, Choco began looking for him, wondering if he was really dead. After days of looking, Choco finds a clone of Alex, and she fights it. After the battle, she finds the real Alex and heals him, bringing him back to life.


She is a nice Chocobo. She likes Alex as a friend and as a master. When she gets mad she uses Choco Meteor.


She is a rainbow Chocobo. She has blue feet, a red beak, and a yellow head. On her wings, Choco has brown and green feathers.

Fighting style

She uses her Choco Beak to peck anything. She uses her Choco Cure yo heal anything. She uses her Choco Esuna to cure anything of sickness. She uses her Choco Pellets lets her use a 3 Meteors. She uses her Choco Meteor to rain down a meteor onto enemies.

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