Chieko Miyakawa
Cheiko HN
Kana 宮川千恵子 (みやがわ ちえこ)
Romaji Miyagawa Chieko
Type Human
Role Protaganist
Pact Wielder
Age 18 (LiB)
27 (RoI)
Home World Reverent Prefecture
Family Eiji (英二) (Father)
Kaede (楓) (Mother)
Emiko (恵美子) (Sister)
Teruko (照子)(Sister)
Momoko (桃子) (Sister)
Weapon Prudence
Attribute Air
"Intelligent yet taciturn, she fearfully erects walls to hide her true self. Her greatest fear is emotional pain."

Chieko Miyakawa is one of the main characters in Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence. A Pact Wielder, she represents the Keybladers. She is only playable in the second arc, Life is Beautiful.




Thin and of average height, Chieko has styled dark brown hair and thick-rimmed black glasses. She wears her school uniform, which consists of a short-sleeved white top, green neckerchief and skirt, knee socks, and black mary janes.


Extremely shy, Chieko at first glance would seem like one of the most unlikely candidates for Pact Wielder. Her lack of physical strength and overall clumsiness often holds her back in battle, but she makes up for it in terms of intelligence. She is far and away the smartest of the Wielders, enjoying both reading and mathematics as hobbies. Her quiet and reflective nature ensures her lack of friends. She also suffers from androphobia.



  • Chieko's reflected real-world nationality is Japanese. It's a pun namesake from Shokojo Seira.

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