Cheeda Nick
Kana チダニック
Romaji Chida Nikku
Origin Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (2012)
Alias CBCN-01
Type Buddyroid
Role Ally
Home World Earth
Family Hiromu Sakurada/ Red Buster (Partner)
Status Alive
English Voice Phil Lamarr
Japanese Voice Keiji Fujiwara (2012-2019)
Tomokazu Seki (present)
Cheeda Nick is Red Buster's cheetah-themed Buddyroid partner, who transforms into a motorcycle for Red Buster to ride on, yet he has no sense of direction himself. He is, however, a positive thinker who gives the Go-Busters his full support. Nick helped Sora unlock the Go-Busters' Greater Power through the Earth Defender Keyblade.
Cheeda Nick



  • His rhyming "sweet something of somewhere" quotes are an homage to Hermes Conrad from Futurama, who is also voiced by Phil Lamarr.

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