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Charles I (Charles VIII)
Kana チャールズ1世

Chāruzu 1-sei (Transliteration)

Origin Original Character
Original Name Charles Louis John de Lancastria

Charles Louis Jean de Lancastria (Archelonian)

Alias The Liberal King
Type Human
Role Carlist Pretender to the Novaran-Archelonian Throne
Age 17
Home World Saint-Illiers
Family Édouard VI (Father)

Queen Jeanne (Mother)
Henri IX of Novara-Archelonia (Brother) Isabelle de Valois (Wife)
Charles II (Son)
Jeanne, Duchessa d'Alençon (Daughter)

Weapon Demonsbane
Attribute Light & Darkness
Status Alive

Charles I, born Charles Louis Jean de Lancastria, was King of Plantagenia from 130 to 107 BDC (23294-23317 EUC). For a time, by many of his supporters he was also known as Charles VIII of Novara-Plantagenia, and was the Carlist pretender, rivaling his twin brother and Henrician pretender Henry. As a Prince, he was styled Comte d'Armagnac and as a pretender, styled, Duc de Saint-Alexandre & Duc de Nouvelle Orléans. He is the central character behind the Carlist Faction fighting for the throne for Novara-Archelonia.

Early Life

Marche au Supplice

Appearance & Personality

Weapon & Fighting Style


King of Novara & Archelonia (134-130 BDC)

King of Plantagenia (130-107 BDC)

Comte d'Armagnac (151-130 BDC)

Duc de Saint-Alexandre (134-130 BDC)

Duc de Nouvelle Orléans (134-121 BDC)