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Ceodore Harvey
Origin Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Alias Ceo
Type Human
Role Prince of Baron
Age 17
Home World Baron
Weapon Swords
Status Alive

Ceodore Harvey is a main character of the Final Fantasy IV saga and important ally in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening.



Kingdom Hearts: Awakening


Ceodore has on normal Baron armor with a red scarf around his neck.


Ceodore is a very reserved boy. He isn't afraid to fight for his beliefs, and has a mother complex. He absolutely hates his uncle.

Powers and Abilities


Ceodore is very skilled with the sword, and is a formidable fighter.

Fighting Style

Ceodore is a defensive character, prefering to block and counter from that. He also uses a smidge of Light magic.


  • Him again... Let me help.
  • No.. I will protect everyone.. I will protect mother!!
  • Go back to where you belong.