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In Kingdom Hearts AF, King Mickey discovers a time machine in Castle Oblivion. His plan is for him and the gang going back in time to the castle's construction. Sora heads in first but an error causes him to head 1 year into the future. He learns that Leon and Co. are inside the castle and it is in ruins. Sora also uncovers that an explosion from Kingdom Hearts had killed everyone and caused the destruction of many worlds, except for those who were at Disney Castle or escaped through a corridor of darkness. It is also discovered that Maleficent escaped from Organization XIII's castle, remaining incognito for a while. When the explosion hit her, she gave into it's darkness and became a Heartless. To his horror, Sora learns he dies before the explosion occurs.


Lack of maintenance has been less than benefical. The castle has now lies in ruins but houses those who escaped the explosion including Leon and Co.

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