Castle Oblivion
Castle Oblivion Logo KHCOM2.png
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Theme Music As of yet, none.
Battle Music As of yet, none.
Party Member N/A

Castle Oblivion is a world in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and is set to appear in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories.




  • Due to the creation of the game, Castle Oblivion may have two to three areas only. This includes the Entrance, Main Hall and a certain room, but it is not confirmed yet.[2]


  1. WingBlade says..."The Wind Sentiment will appear here as a character not an optional boss. I've changed the Wind Sentiment's role because Castle Oblivion is where Sune will restore some of his memories, making the Wind Sentiment a test."
  2. WingBlade says..."And I may also include a certain room to make thing more complicated."
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