Castle Oblivion
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Stories Kingdom Heart: Child of the Sun

Castle Oblivion is a world in Kingdom Hearts: Child of the Sun. It currently only plays a small role; it will however come in to the story as a main world near the end of Part 2.

Journal Entries

Kingdom Hearts: Child of the Sun, Prologue

Galexgan's Tale 1

Sulcax is sending me to Castle Oblivion but he gives no reason... He's grown very agitated lately.

This Worries me.


Kingdom Hearts: Child of the Sun, Prologue

During the story Galexgan is sent to Castle Oblivion by Sulcax with the intentions of being eliminated there. To make sure that happens Sulcax sends two of the New Organization members loyal to himself with Galexgan. Soon after entering the castle Sulcax's "henchmen" turn on Galexgan, slamming him against a wall hard enough that it caused him amnesia. Sulcax comes into the room through a Corridor of Darkness to check on the situation and finds Galexgan on the floor with the other two nobodies standing above him. Galexgan awakens and reveals that he has lost his memory which pleases Sulcax who decides not to eliminate Galexgan because he was already "punished". Sulcax then leaves and directs the other two to bring Galexgan back to the Castle That Never Was


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