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Castle Oblivion
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos
Theme Music "Castle Oblivion"
"The 13th Floor"
Battle Music "Forgotten Challenge"
Party Member N/A

Castle Oblivion is the hub-world of Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos for the first five arcs until Kingdom Come's relocation to Kexon's currently unnamed superstructure located on the same plane of existance (in this case, the Realm of Inbetween). Although technology was developed to bipass the Castle's habit of warping your memories into worlds, occassionally traces of locations you have visited will appear in a room. This is one of the few worlds of the game where you can play as any current Kingdom Come member.

Castle Oblivion originally appeared in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, where the upper thirteen floors were controlled by the treacherous Marluxia and the twelve basements under the rule of Zexion.

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