Castle Evergrim
Castle Evergrim
Origin Grim Tales From Down Below
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Afterlife
Theme Music Grim Tales
Battle Music Purple Filth
Party Member Grim Jr.

Castle Evergrim is a world that appears in Kingdom Hearts: Afterlife. Castle Evergrim is owned by the Grim Reaper and Mandy and live there with their children.




Character Design


Kaito wears a black suit similar to a vampire just like his father. His hands also have white gloves that are typical to Disney characters. He has skeletal bat wings on his back and wears a pumpkin mask on the right side of his face. His face is blackened so as to blend into the gothic atmosphere.


Kasumi wears a gothic witch suit. She wears long black arm gloves (without the hands covered). She wears a black mage hat but then in black. She wears a black top with a v-hals that has strings crossed over it, she has a short ribbeling skirt and a brown belt. She has long white-black striped socks and black leather boots.


Daichi transforms into a demon. His eyes now glow chemical green, and his hair is more messy. He wears a long black coat with 13 knives stabbed in his back. There also is a scar beneath his left-eye and tentacles can be seen under his coat. His other clothes stay the same only with a darker tint.


Raito transforms into a devil. His skin turn whole red and two horns appear out of his head. He wears a white boa with a red santa-like costume. He also wears a giant black boots.

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