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Origin Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance
Alias Tina
Type Nobody
Role Protagonist
Age 1
Home World Grand Surbia
Family Xaslsamch (brother), Myles (brother), Noctiri (twin)
Weapon Axe blade
Attribute Telekenesis
Status Alive

Cartina (Car-teen-ah) is a main and playable character in Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance. She appears along with her twin sister, Noctiri, and her older brother, Xaslamach. She controls the Mascot nobodies with Noctiri.


Cartina has fairly short baby blue hair that has a helmet that resembles a horn strapped on the front. (I'll write the rest later!)


  • Mustard and black cat (Great Woods)- When she goes to Great Woods, she becomes a small, mustard and black cat. The designs on her are small swirls of each color, much like Noctiri does. Mustard-colored pieces of rabbit fur are wrapped around her legs. She also adorns her horn-like helmet.
  • Musard and black dragon- Arygon
  • Witch- Halloween Town
  • Yellow circiut-lined- Space Paranoids
  • Mustard and black kitty- Mobius

Alternate Outfits


Cartina, just like her sister, is very michievous and exuberant. As Xid says, "If energy was a nobody, they'd definately be it!". So naturally, she gets along the best with Noctiri, Xerena, and Demyx.


Noctiri- Her "partner in crime", Cartina is very close to her twin sister. When Cartina becomes injured, Noctiri tries to do pretty much everything to save her sister. "Wherever one goes, to other follows like lap dog." is what Terexala says. Their EX Mode, Twin Alignment of the Stars, is performed by both of them. That is something unique to just them.






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