Captain Phoebus
337px-Captain Phoebus KH3D
Kana フィーバス
Romaji Fībasu
Origin The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Original Name Phoebus
Type Human
Role Ally
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Home World La Cité des Cloches
Family Esmeralda
Weapon Sword
English Voice Phil Lamarr
Japanese Voice Souma Suzuki
Captain Phoebus is a character who is originally from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

In KH: JTTCR, it is different. Phoebus finds out why Paddra is taken hostage by Frollo. Once Frollo's dead, Luxord's ghost, Gilgamesh and Garland appear to kidnap Paddra once more.

Phoebus is the playable guess party member alongside three gargoyles when Lumina/Umbrae enter Cite Des Closhes world. If the girls do certain situation attacks, Phoebus and one of the girls do sword swipe. It's possible if Lumen or Umbra take a photo (a feature from KH3) to make him happy if they summon Ultima (from FFXII)...


  • From Lumene (using team attack): Here goes, my knight in shining armor!
  • From Umbrae (using team attack): Yes! Sir!
  • To Lumene: You are the princess, wow.
  • To Umbrae: At least you have your friends. Do you have a teacher?
  • In final battle in Cloches story: (Lumene: Wear your armor! Sir Phoebus!)
  • To Paddra: What a sweet girl you are. You are saved from Frollo and he is now dead.
  • To Lumene/Umbrae summoning Ultima the High Seraph (using S-Link): Whoa. I haven't seen such a celestial being before.

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