Cao Ren
Kana 曹仁 そう じん
Origin Dynasty Warriors
Alias Shield of Wei
Type Somebody
Role Hero
Age 31
Home World China (homeland)
Disney Castle (homebase)
Family Cao Cao (cousin)
Cao Pi (distant nephew)
Weapon Chain mace
Status alive
Cao Ren is the cousin of Cao Cao. He has wanted to restore peace under Wei and has been its shield since his vow.


While Cao Ren is first seen playing cards with Niu Jin and other generic Wei officers, Dian Wei interrupts the game and tells him he is to be on a mission with Cao Cao. After realizing the danger in the future Shao Kahn would hold, Cao Ren becomes more determined to keep his master safe. Cao Ren will not stand idly by and watch the Heartless consume the worlds.


  • Cao Cao, the future will be secured if necessary roles are taken.

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