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Cait Sith
Cait Sith KHANG
Kana ケットシー
Origin Final Fantasy VII
Type Cat
Role Ally
Age Unknown
Home World The Planet
Weapon Megaphone
Status Alive

Cait Sith is an ally found in Kingdom Hearts: A New Generation. He is found at the world The Planet.

Journal Entries

Kingdom Hearts: A New Generation

A remote control puppet taking on the form of a cat

He is controlled far away by one of AVALANCHE's many allies


When AVALANCHE is chasing Sephiroth, they sneak into Shinra Building to visit one of their allies. Their ally brings out a remote control puppet named Cait Sith, and agrees to help them from the building. And so the ally controlled Cait Sith from far away, and aided AVALANCHE on their quest. Eventually, the group came across a large creature. Cait Sith aided in it's defeat, but was easily cut down when it dissolved into the form of Sephiroth.


Cait Sith retains his appearance from Final Fantasy VII. He takes on the form of a cat, wearing a gold crown on his head, and a red ribbon around his neck. He also wears brown boots.


When the ally is controlling Cait Sith, he has a rather playful and carefree persona. Despite this, the ally is actually quite a somber and serious man, but does harbor a natural worry for others. Caith Sith is fun-loving and playful, and can be loud and itrritable to the other members. He also makes a large hobby of telling people their fortunes, which tend to be correct.

Fighting Style

Cait Sith is a bit cowardly, and a poor fighter, and his fighting style is only shown once during the battle with Gaia Destructor. He has low stats, but is highly skilled in magic, making him a good mage. His abilities are as follows:

  • Dice: Rolls two dice on the ground. The higher the numbers on the dice, the more damage it deals
  • Slot: Cait Sith spins a slot machine. The outcomes of the spin determine the damage dealt

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