Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire headshot.jpg
Origin Spider Man 3 (2007)
Original Name Peter Parker
Alias Black Suit Spider Man
Symbiote Spider Man
Type Human (bonded with a symbiote) later wasn't connected to the symboite
Role Antagonist, later anti-hero
Age 32 (consistent physical age)
Gender Male
Alignment Himself
Home World Earth-96283
Other residences New York
Attribute Black Symbiote
Status deceased
Alive (Marvel VS Super Sentai)
English Voice Tobey Maguire
Japanese Voice Toshiyuki Morikawa

Bully Maguire is an antagonistic alternate timeline counterpart of Earth-96283's version of Peter Parker[1]. At the beginning he bullied some heroes and killed some of them when he was using the symbiote, but he did become an (anti-)hero after the prime Spiderman killed the symbiote and saved Bully Maguire. His last mission was to bring Kylo Ren to the light side but was killed by him.



Bully Maguire almost always dresses predominantly in black clothing, and his own variant of the Spider Man suit is no exception.


As his name suggests, Bully Maguire is a confrontational, highly irresponsible and emotionally insensitive delinquent who remorselessly antagonizes anyone unfortunate enough to get even an inch on his bad side. His character is meant to be a symbolic insight into what the real Peter Parker, and by extension, (the real) Spider Man, of Earth-96283 would act like if he never discarded the symbiote that negatively influenced him before it was too late. Now he is kinder to the heroes, while still being quite savage to the villains.


  • bullying others
  • pizza
  • the color black
  • symbiotes
  • homophobic jokes
  • getting paid
  • getting laid
  • exaggerating the size of his "web shooter"
  • Mary Jane
  • Gwen Stacey
  • Juri Han
  • Ada Wong
  • Morrigan Aensland
  • James Brown


  • being responsible
  • his prime counterpart
  • Iron Ma(ji)n
  • Mr. Ditkovitch
  • Eddie Brock
  • J. Jonah Jameson and his smear campaign
  • paying rent[2]
  • fat chicks
  • sand
  • lizards
  • fire
  • sonics

Powers and Abilities

Bully possesses presumably all of the same powers as the prime Spider Man, as well as awesome (or even near-godlike) strength, stamina and durability. But perhaps his most terrifying power is his mastery of emotional, psychological, and verbal abuse.


  • "I oughta put some dirt in your eye!" - pre-battle quote
  • "Gonna cry?" - pre-battle quote
  • "That's a cute outfit! Did your husband give it to you?"[3] - pre-battle quote to most male opponents.
  • "I missed the part where that's my problem."
  • "Stings, doesn't it?"
  • "You're trash!"
  • "Thanks, hot legs!" - after getting an assist from Juri, Ada, or Morrigan.
  • "Go flock yourself, feather face!" - to Gai Yuki
  • "See ya, chump!" - win quote
  • "Good riddance!" - win quote
  • "You want forgiveness? Get religion" - win quote

Musical Themes

"Funky Symbiote" is a mashup of the Spider Man 1960s cartoon theme and James Brown's "People Get Up and Drive Your Funky Soul", serving as Bully Maguire's theme.

His battle theme is a metal remix of "Black Suited Spidey" in Spider Man 3, as originally scored by Christopher Young.


  • His frozen physical age is the same as Tobey Maguire's when Spider Man 3 was being filmed and released.
  • GokaiWhite describes Bully Maguire as being to Peter Parker what Sephiroth is to Cloud in Kingdom Hearts 2.
    • His newfound desire to incorporate Bully into Marvel VS Super Sentai somehow is largely influenced by Sephiroth's inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. If so, then Iron Majin may have something to do with Bully's destiny being altered.
      • Somewhat appropriately, Bully's (hypothetical) japanese voice in that game/anime is the same as Eddie Brock in Spider Man 3[4], and Sephiroth himself.
  • A particularly homophobic pre-battle quote of his is taken directly from the first Spider-Man movie of 2002[3].
  • Gokai joked that he would love to re-use the "Give me rent!" scene[2] from Spider-Man 3 as Bully Maguire's arcade mode ending, or at least a one-for-one remake of said scene.
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