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Original Name Pokemon
Type Human
Role Pokemon Breeder
Age 23
Home World Johto League
Weapon Hands
Status Alive

Brock is a main character of the Pokemon series and ally in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening, and can come along to help Laharl and Ceodore on their exploration of the Johto League; he is an optional character.


Kingdom Hearts: Awakening

Brock can be found in any Pokemon Clinic, trying to woo the various nurses. After visiting any one clinic 34 times, he can be recruited; he aids Laharl and Ceodore in their exploration of Johto, but is automatically dropped once they leave the planet.


Brock's most notable feature about his appearance is that his eyes naturally appear closed. The rare times people see them open are when they are forced open unnaturally.

He wears forest green cargo pants, beige sneakers, and an orange long-sleeved shirt with a black undershirt. His hair is brown and spiky.


Brock is, at heart, a loyal and reliable friend. He is very mature, wise, and level-headed. Honestly, he has one flaw; he is somewhat of a pervert.

He goes gaga over women, and is often hard-pressed to return to his normal self. He means no harm, though.

Powers and Abilities


Brock can be recruiting after visiting the Pokemon Clinic 34 times.


  • It's over!!
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