Bounter (KH: Ultima)
Bounty Bug.png
Age unknown
Title Bounty Bug
Occupation IWSA Agent
Family none
Gender male
First appearance KH Ultima
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Bounter is a scrapped character. He was meant to be a member of a humanoid insect race, gunslinger. His attire (which looks like a futuristic version of a cowboy), and dual laser pistols known as the "Cricketron Mk7 Dual Pistols", give him the title of "Bounty Bug" by his peers, though he is a good sport about it.


  • Bounter's name is a mixture of "Bounty" and "Hunter".
  • He was originally going to gbe named "Bane", but because of the many "Banes" in other franchises, Gojira57 wanted to make his name unique. Thus the name "Bounter" stuck.
  • His picture is of "Bounty Bug" in Mutants, Genetic Gladiators, a facebook game.


This is a scrapped Character, so it is up for Grabs, as long as you get permission from me (Gojira57)!

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