Sure, I sense Bond Of Purity's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Bond Of Purity
"A Keyblade formed from the strengthened light between the hearts of your friends."
Strength Magic
+4 +5
Cure Boost - Cure magic's potency is boosted; Lucky Lucky - Increase in drops of items, HP orbs, MP orbs, and D-Link Orbs
Witness Warp's renewed return to the team.

The Bond Of Purity is a powerful Keyblade obtained soon after the Gears Of War Keyblade is acquired.


The guard on the Bond Of Purity is a plain white circlular guard, with two wing-like appendages sticking out at the base of the Bond Of Purity, going backwards to form a sort of backwards horns.

The main blade of the Bond Of Purity is a white recolor of the blade of the Keyblade Of People's Hearts, with one small exception: the teeth that form a hollowed heart are on both sides of the end of the blade.

The Keychain of the Bond Of Purity is a small white heart that is permanently attached in-between the two horn-like appendages on the guard of the Bond Of Purity.


  • The Keychain of the Bond Of Purity is connected in-between two parts of the Keyblade instead of by a chain alone. This is the only Keyblade to do so.
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