Bloodlust Mech
(ブラッドラッスト・メック Buraddorassuto Mekku)
Bloodlust Mech
"A Keyblade that fuses the living with the inanimate."
Strength Magic
+6 +7
Xaras Cullen
Forged Pact

Bloodlust Mech is Xaras Cullen's Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence. It formed itself from the Nobody third of the Pact.


The guard is boxy and short with gear teeth protruding from the bottom and the top of it. Extending from the guard are three seperate, smaller shafts that merge into one, before splitting into three again and bending at a 90° angle to form the teeth. The furthest and largest tooth of the Keyblade also sports gear teeth as well. This Keyblade's keychain is in the shape of an hourglass.

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