The Blob
Origin The X-Men #3 (January 1964)
Alias Fred Dukes
Type Mutant
Role Villain
Other residences Earth
Attribute Body Fat
Status Alive
English Voice Danny Tamberelli
The Blob is a long running member of Magneto's Mutant Brotherhood and an adversary of the X-Men. He works as Vile's bouncer/bodyguard during the Superhero Keyblade War.


Though he is not very agile, largely due to his obesity, The Blob posesses superhuman stength, durablity, and endurance, and his stomach is so rubbery, it protects him from the impact of almost any attack.


  • "Well, well, if it ain't the legendary Keyblade hero and Captain Commando! The boss told me you might come here, so he put me on sentry duty!"
  • "Oh, so now you're calling me a pig, are ya? Ain't this a magical time we live in?"
  • "Haha, shoulda told ya first! My body is so rubbery, it protects my insides from the impact of any attack!"
  • "Ow! That one actually hurt, I'll give it to ya... But you're still not getting past me!"
  • "Oh yeah? Well back in high school, I was a five-time, grand champion, greco roman style, hog wrestler!!!"
  • "Oh, I give up! Restart, restart!" - defeat quote


  • Fred Dukes' SKW portrayal is very similar to his X-Men Evolution incarnation, and kinda like Jimmy De Santa from Grand Theft Auto V, who has the same voice actor. His depiction also pays homage to Heart from Fist of the North Star, particularly in the 1986 movie, where he was Jagi's bodyguard. The similarity between them is strengthened by the fact that they are both addressed as pigs, and have nigh impenetrable skin.

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