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Blaid Dark
Origin Kingdom Doom
Original Name Kingdom Doom (created from excess energy)
Alias The God of All that is Dark

Life Consumer

God of Death

Type Celestial Being/God
Role Antagonist
Age Looks 20 (Physically)

Possible as old as time itself (Chronologically)

Home World Citadel of Felled Hearts (Realm of Darkness parallel to Assault of the Dreadnought)
Family Michael Sol (Older Brother)

Shadow Dark (Older Genetic Brother, Lover and Liege Lord)

Isabelle Dawn (Distantly related Little Sister)

Mauro (Oldest Son)

Kurai Dark (Younger Son)

Other Dark Gods (Younger Siblings)

Other Light Gods (Younger Distant Siblings)

Weapon Darkness Fang Keyblade
Attribute Darkness; Erosion; Chaos; Death
Status Alive
"In a play, it is the Villains that are most popular, for various reasons."
—Blaid commenting from the known public view on Villains.

Blaid Dark is described as the Supreme Commander of Darkness and Leader of the Villains in Guerra Eterna: Kingdom Hearts, he is the de jure Leader of Darkness' efforts to take control of the Universe however despite his leadership skills it is revealed that Shadow Dark is actually the de facto Leader, Blaid knows that the war has gone on for some time and each time there is a victor the Hearts of the Worlds eventually reset the war from the beginning - Blaid comments from his memories that despite the number of small victories gained by the Heroes of Light it is usually Darkness that has won most of the Wars.



Physical Appearance

Compared to his Master, Shadow Dark, Blaid Dark is as physically adapt and brutish as Shadow is elegant. He is described to be as hard and cold as a diamond, learn with Noire Hair and brown/crimson eyes, an attack from him means death for others.


Equipment, Powers and Abilities