Blaid's Sentiment
Org Cloak
Kana ブレードのセンチメント("Burēdo no senchimento")
Type Human
Role Antagonist
Age Unknown
Home World Yami's Awakening
Family Blaid
Weapon Keyblade
Attribute Darkness
Status Alive

Blaid's Sentiment is a character who appears at the end of Part 1 of Darkness and Light. He is a physical manifestation of the imprint Blaid left in Yami's heart when he Trespassed on the boy's Awakening. He has all the power of the real Blaid, however is ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of Yami, Hikari, and Tamashii.


Blaid's Sentiment looks exactly like the real Blaid, and wears a Black Cloak with the hood up to obscure his face.


Blaid's Sentiment seems to have the same personality as Blaid, however due to his short appearance the full extent of his personality and whether or not he is influenced by Yami's Heart is unknown.

Abilities, Equipment, and Skills



  • Keyblade - Being a manifestation of Blaid Blaid's Sentiment is able to wield his main Keyblade, Darkness Fang.



Darkness and Light

After fighting the Empress of Darkness to a stalemate, Yami, Hikari, and Tamashii flee with the Resistance to another World, however on the way there the three friends are drawn into Yami's Awakening by Blaid's Sentiment. The Sentiment then procedes to attack them one at a time until they are able to team up and defeat it, causing it to fade into Darkness. However Yami is still able to sense its presence, telling them it is simply hiding somewhere until it grows stronger.

Reigning Shadows

At the end of Reigning shadows Blaid's Heart hides inside of Yami's body while his own body repairs itself from near death. This causes Blaid's Sentiment to stir and grow even more powerful, however it actually doesn't appear during this arc.

Sins of the Father

After expelling Blaid's Heart from his Body and fleeing, Blaid's Sentiment once again drags Yami and Hikari into his Awakening. The two recognize it from before and try to fight it, only to find themselves grossly outclassed. Desperate Yami calls on some of the Darkness Blaid left in his body in an attempt to seal Blaid's Sentiment in the deepest region of his Heart. He succedes, and it is not known if Blaid's Sentiment will play any further role.


"........" - Blaid's Sentiment's only response.


  • How Blaid's Sentiment is able to drag not only Yami but Hikari and Tamashii into Yami's awakening is never explained.

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