Black Panther
Kana ブラック パンサー
Romaji Burakku Pansaa
Origin Fantastic Four #52 (July 1966)
Alias T'Challa
Type Human
Role Ally
Gender Male
Alignment Avengers
Home World Wakanda (birthplace)
Other residences Croodlands
Family T'Chaka (Father, deceased)
Ramonda (mother)
Shuri (sister)
Weapon Claws
Attribute Vibranium
Status Alive
English Voice Chadwick Boseman (originally planned, ADR)
TBD (in game)

Black Panther.jpg

T'Challa / Black Panther is the King and protector of the nation of Wakanda, following in his deceased father, the previous king's footsteps.


  • "COME OUT...!! The Black Panther is ready for you!"
  • "Wakanda Forever!"

Musical Theme

Black Panther's theme is "Wakanda Weh T'Challa", the opening theme of the Black Panther animated mini-series in 2010.


  • Black Panther once mentions that he is aware of his Super Sentai look-alike Shiro Akebono / Battle Kenya, respects him as a fellow protector of justice, and wishes to meet him someday.
  • His and Sora's "Wakanda Juuken" D-Link takes notes from Kiba Ranger's and Geki Red's moves, and their respective Sentai shows in general.
  • T'Challa, along with Loki, are the only MCU characters in Kingdom Hearts: The Third Ragnarok, who will not be portrayed by their original actors.
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