Black Mage (KH: Ultima)
Vile MErlin.jpg
Black Mage
Age unknown
Title The Dark Magician
Occupation Servant of Mephilose
Family none
Gender male
First appearance KH: Ultima
Original name None

Black Mage is a lesser demon, and a servant of Mephilose Draygohn. He, along with Dire Despot and Dark Arthur, are the only few Lesser demons that were loyal to Mephilose. He has great mastery over magic and necromancy.



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He is cold and heartless, and shows no mercy with his victims, a true killer. He considers the light as an "unnecassary burden" for the universe.

Abilities and aspects

  • Can cast many types of spells, and enhance them with the power of darkness.
  • Can teleport at will.
  • Can command Mephilians and summon them at will.

Theme on this wiki

His theme is "Black Powder", the same theme as Xigbar and Braig in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.


Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep OST - Black Powder

Black Mage's theme

Notes and Trivia

  • His name is obviously based on the term "Mage", which refers to his magic wielding abilities.
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