Black Condor
Black Condor ~ Black Jet Ranger
Origin Chojin Sentai Jetman (1991)
Alias Gai Yuki
Type Human
Role Hero
Home World Earth
Weapon Bringer Sword, Bird Blaster, Wing Gauntlet
Attribute Sky
Status "Deceased"
English Voice Jason Griffith
Japanese Voice Toshihide Wakamatsu
Gai Yuki / Black Condor is the Black Ranger of Chojin Sentai Jetman. He was a confrontational loner who initially refused to join the team, and clashed with Ryu Tendo(Red Hawk) for bossing him around and trying to force his policies (ex. a warrior is not allowed to love) down his throat, particularly when it came down to the infamous love triangle between them and Kaori Rokumeikan(White Swan). Upon learning that Ryu's bossiness and insecurity stems from his grief over losing his beloved Rie Aoi to the Dimensional War Party Vyram, Gai's latent sense of justice awakened and he helped the team defeat Radiguet. Three years after the fall of Vyram, Gai "disappeared" from the public eye.

When Shin Seigi got to the Jetmen, they soon run into the mugger who killed Gai on Ryu and Kaori's wedding day. The former crook confessed that he was ordered to kill all the Jetmen that day by someone from the future, and the heroes suspect it to be Iron Majin through his abuse of the Infinity Stones. After they confirm this, Gai immediately agrees to join Shin's army with the rest of his team.


As described above, Gai was initially a loner and an anti-hero who hated being ordered around. His fighting style is similar to Ryu Tendo's, but utilizes dirtier tactics like crotch shots. His hobbies include flirting with women, riding motorcycles, and playing the saxophone. Toward and after the end of Jetman, Gai became a more noble person after seeing that Radiguet's atrocities are what caused Ryu to act like an edgy jerk (in Gai's opinion) and now acts friendlier towards him. Also, he is now perfectly willing to act more like a team player for the sake of the other Jetmen whom he fought with to protect the Earth from Vyram, especially in response to Iron Majin's vicious attacks on Super Sentai and their legacy. Upon officially joining the Avengers Sentai Army, Gai notes that he's not doing this out of vengeance against the man who ordered his death, but because of how he's changed and stayed with the team partly to keep Ryu from becoming (and/or staying) like Tony Stark during the events surrounding the Sokovia Accords Incident. He even lets his murderer go and continue living an honest life.


  • "I'm gonna kill Stark!"
  • "Get lost, butt-rash!"- pre-battle quote
  • "Come near me again, and I'll punch your face in!"- Win quote
  • "Condor Finish!!"- Limit Break

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