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Black Condor
Black Condor ~ Black Jet Ranger
Origin Chojin Sentai Jetman (1991)
Alias Gai Yuki
Type Human
Role Hero
Alignment Jetman
Home World Toei Tokuverse
Other residences Earth
Weapon Bringer Sword, Bird Blaster, Wing Gauntlet
Attribute Sky
Status "Deceased"
English Voice Jason Griffith
Japanese Voice Toshihide Wakamatsu

Gai Yuki / Black Condor is the Black Ranger of Chojin Sentai Jetman.


He was a confrontational loner who initially refused to join the team, and clashed with Ryu Tendo(Red Hawk) for bossing him around and trying to force his policies (ex. a warrior is not allowed to love) down his throat, particularly when it came down to the infamous love triangle between them and Kaori Rokumeikan(White Swan). Upon learning that Ryu's insecurity and desperate longing for respect stems from his grief over losing his beloved Rie Aoi to the Dimensional Warmongers Vyram, Gai's latent sense of justice awakened and he helped the team defeat Radiguet. Three years after the fall of Vyram, Gai "disappeared" from the public eye.[1]

When Shin Seigi got to meet Gai, they soon run into the mugger who killed him on Ryu and Kaori's wedding day. The former crook confessed that he was ordered to kill all the Jetmen that day by someone from the future, and the heroes suspect it to be Lord Stark through his abuse of the Infinity Stones.[2] After they confirm this and destroy the Iron Man Mk. 33 with Burai's help, Gai immediately agrees to join the Avengers Sentai Alliance with the rest of his team, and eventually helps in fighting Lord Drakkon and Lord Stark late in the Battle of Starktopia 01. He also helped Black Widow and Spider-Man and Black Widow hold down Pepper Potts when she attacks her own allies for coming around to Shin’s heavy conclusion that Tony Stark is a lost cause. After the Stark Administration and the true Iron Majin are destroyed, Gai returned to the Tokuverse[3] with the other Jetmen and Super Sentai.


As described above, Gai was initially a loner and an anti-hero who hated being ordered around. His fighting style is similar to Ryu Tendo's, but utilizes dirtier tactics like crotch shots. His hobbies include flirting with women, riding motorcycles, and playing the saxophone. But even he was not without a code of honor, and refuses to be cowardly or pick on the weak.

Toward and after the end of Jetman, Gai became a more noble person after seeing that Radiguet's atrocities are what caused Ryu to act like an uptight control freak (in accordance to Gai's standards) and now acts friendlier towards him after learning about the root of Ryu’s anxieties. Also, he is now perfectly willing to act more like a team player for the sake of the other Jetmen whom he fought with to protect the Earth from Vyram, especially in response to Tony Stark's self-righteousness and vicious attacks on Super Sentai and their legacy. Upon officially joining the Alliance, Gai notes that he's not doing this out of vengeance against the man who ordered his death, but because of how he's recognized a hidden greater purpose for tolerating Ryu Tendo; to keep him from becoming anything like Tony Stark during the events surrounding the Sokovia Accords Incident. He even lets his murderer go and continue living an honest life.

Drawing from the lessons he took from Ryu's tragic past, Gai even helped persuade Pepper Potts to stop tying her purpose in life to Tony, displaying a respectable approach to her and her dilemma when compared to other women in his life[2]. He despises Tony Stark for being a bastardization of everything he hated about the old Ryu Tendo, and knew he couldn’t shirk away from stopping the disgraced Avenger from hurting others. His and Shin’s mutual dislike for Lord Stark, along with Shin freely giving respect to Gai first, made them friends much faster than Gai did with Ryu. He was greatly enraged when the real Iron Majin mercilessly killed Pepper without warning, condemning her to the same fate as him in the past, though he and the other Jetmen helped avenge her senseless death by contributing their Greater Power to Mugen DaiZyuJin.[3]


  • “So what’s his deal? He became evil because of a midlife crisis, his “you-know-what” doesn’t work anymore, or he can’t get a girl in any respectable way?” - guessing why Tony Stark became the enemy
  • "I'm gonna kick Stark’s ass so hard, that every last Iron Stan is gonna feel it!"[2]
  • ”My friend was in the same position as you, once.”
  • ”Only a pathetic loser who can’t even get a girl would do something so cowardly!”
  • “Later, douchebag.” - win quote
  • “You’re everything I once accused an old friend of being, and worse!” - to Iron Man or Lord Drakkon
  • ”Bastard! Haven’t you broken her heart enough already!?” - calling out Lord Stark for his attitude towards Pepper[3]
  • “He was just leading you on, Pepper! He never really loved you back!”
  • ”Damn you! She didn’t deserve that!” - about Iron Majin killing Pepper[3]
  • "Get lost, butt-rash!"- pre-battle quote
  • "Come near me again, and I'll punch your teeth into dust!"- Win quote
  • ”Leave the other Jetmen, ALONE!” - Win quote
  • "Condor Finish!!"- Limit Break


  • There is already another hero, from DC Comics, called Black Condor.
  • It remains ambiguous whether or not Gai was fully resurrected by Dr. Strange's self-sacrificial Snap.
  • Gai used to be a smoker, but he quit sometime after dying.
  • He shares his English voice with another black-colored anti-hero, Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Gai Yuki is the first and only Ranger whose cause of death[1](and the motivation for it[2]) is retroactively tied to a Marvel character.
  • GokaiWhite met Toshihide Wakamatsu and Ryota Ozawa(Captain Marvelous) at Power Morphicon 2022 on August 27.