The Black Blood Saga was the collection of fanfictions by Evnyofdeath, it centers around the division between Darkness and Light and the rise and fall of their individual superiority over the other, it is divided into two Sub-series.


  • Darkness and Light series
    • Prequel
      • Child of the Light
      • Ending Twilight
      • Birth of a Tyrant
    • Main Saga
      • Darkness and Light (Season 1)
      • Reigning Shadows (Season 2)
      • Sins of the Father (Season 3)
      • Shining Moon (Season 4)
      • Balance (Season 5)
  • Kingdom Hearts: Shattered series
    • Shattered (Season 1)
    • Unnamed Season 2


  • The Black Blood Saga is the entire collection of entries as part of the Darkness and Light Universe.
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