A decharged BioBall

BioBall is a dangerous and controversial (yet highly popular) sport played in the Isle of the Labyrinth. It is a capture-the-flag type of game, where the players compete against each other to collect the elementally-charged BioBall hidden in the center of the arena.


  • Large net or leather pouch. These are to be used to carry the BioBall once you have located it. The net will be counted as your weapon if you choose to use it, however, it can be modified to suit your purposes.
  • Leather gloves. These are required for handling the BioBall.
  • Sturdy combat boots. Any size is acceptable. The use of Solar Skates or Frost Blades is prohibited however, unless they are approved by the BioBall Committee.


  • Weapons are not to be used to inflict fatal harm.
  • No permanent damage is to be done to any object or competitor.
  • Decharging a BioBall of its elemental energy is illegal, and will result in a severe penalty.
  • Healing Mages may not interfere with gameplay unless permanent harm is or is about to be inflicted.
  • Any player not wearing the required gear cannot participate.
  • BioBalls are not to be used as a weapon. Such an activity will result in criminal charges.
  • Inflicting or attempting to inflict damage onto a BioBall official is punishable by whatever means the judge sees fit.
  • In the finals, you may not fly over or destroy the labyrinth walls.



Healing Mage

  • Healing Mages: These invisible magicians patrol specific areas of the arena and treat hurt athletes. They carry long staves and specialize in certain types of magic. These strange entities can teleport in and out of a place at will, as well as levitate above the scene, searching for possible victims of foul play. As the BioBall tournament goes on, less and less Mages are deployed. This is mainly to introduce a new level of danger to the sport.
  • Referees: These brown clad men and women watch the event through carefully placed cameras. If they find any rules broken, they will be the ones to give the punishment and will possibly intervene if no Healing Mages are available. Less experienced referees (or "refs" as the fans refer to them as) will be chosen for the finals, a popular strategy to encourage more controversial maneuvers in the more pressing rounds. Referees can be of any species with human intelligence, but Raksum are excluded. All of these officials wear matching brown uniforms, complete with padding.


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