Beni Gabor
Origin The Mummy (1999)
Type Somebody
Role Support Villain
Home World Egypt
Weapon Pistol
Status Dead
Beni Gabor is a former friend of Rick O'Connell leading American treasure seekers to Hamunaptra. he defects to Imhotep somehow.


Beni is first seen with the Americans on a boat about to leave, telling them the time it takes to Hamunaptra. On the boat, Rick and Sora discover Beni and the Hungarian explains that he is leading the Americans. He also admits that he abandoned Rick in Hamunaptra. As a fight on the boat breaks out then ends later, Beni fears that he is on the wrong riverside. During the race to Hamunaptra, Beni is kicked off his horse by Rick. When the dig began, Beni was terrified of some of his diggers melted alive by salt acid. Once the Book of the Dead was discovered, Beni fled before Henderson, Daniels, Dr. Chamberlain and Burns opened the chest and unleashed Imhotep's curse on themselves. After Imhotep is resurrected, Beni swears loyalty to him for gold as a reward. In Cairo, Beni is searching for the Book of the Dead when Rick, Jonathan and Sora intervene on him. After a scream is heard, Beni flees the scene again. Once back in Hamunaptra, Beni attempts to take treasure for himself. Sometime after imhotep is vanquished, Beni causes a wrath of the god causing Hamunaptra to sink into the sand. After being left behind, Beni attempts to scare of scarabs with his torch but it goes out and he is eaten alive.

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