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Beast's Castle
505px-Beast's Castle KHII.png
Origin Kingdom Hearts II's version of Beast's Castle
Stories Kingdom Hearts: For True Story
Theme Music Waltz Of The Damned
Battle Music Dance Of The Daring
Party Member None

Beast's Castle is a world that briefly appears in Kingdom Hearts: For True Story.

Kingdom Hearts: For True Story Plot Significance

Beast's Castle first appeared in Chapter 20 when a beastly creature was slicing down several Heartless until Dark Namine's Unversed hordes arrived from literally nowhere. The Beast valiantly fought them off, but all of them were ultimate destroyed when Dark Namine was defeated by Ventus-Roxas and his allies in the Fight For Destiny Islands. Afterwards, The Beast continued to fight off more Heartless that were still wandering about.


The Beast's Castle had little areas to explore, although the Courtyard was shown both times. Strangely enough, Belle or the servants of the castle are never mentioned or alluded to during The Beast's scenes.



  • Beast's Castle shares a trait with Twilight Town and Agrabah as a "cameo" world that briefly appears twice in the entire KH:FTS storyline.