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The Battle of Starktopia 01 is the decisive final battle of the Superhero Infinity War.[1]


To help the Avengers win the Superhero Infinity War, Shin Seigi needed to rally the Super Sentai, the Kamen Riders, and Metal Heroes from the Toei Tokuverse, while the Neo Revengers fight off Iron Majin's forces back on Earth-199999(S), even getting support from the likes of Captain Marvel, Yondu Udonta, the Ravagers, Dora Milaje, Masters of the Mystic Arts, and survivors of the Nova Corps. Unfortunately, Maria Hill, Nebula, Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, and Nick Fury were lost in the ensuing battles, and although Dr. Strange's sacrifice failed to bring them or T'Challa back, the Super Sentai and other Tokuverse heroes' assistance would more than make up for the aforementioned casualties in the final battle to come.


By the time the Shin Avengers got to the GoRengers and original Kamen Rider, the Neo Revengers got the Infinity Gauntlet back from the Stark Administration and Dr. Strange used it to revive many of the war's victims at the cost of his life. With the Avengers Sentai Alliance complete, Shin was ready to start evacuating the inhabitants of Starktopia 01 to minimize collateral damage in the final battle to free Earth-199999(S), with Wayne Shin being the only known civilian casualty.

Starktopia 01 Megazord Battle.png

The evacuation was a success, despite Shin being briefly sidetracked to save Japan from a barrage of Jericho Missiles, and when the Black Dragonzord, Iron Man Mk. 2-7, and an armada of Legionite-manned SHIELD Heli Carriers are unleashed to annihilate the Avengers Sentai Alliance, they fight back with almost every Sentai Robo at their disposal while the Shin Avengers slip into the Iron Babel during the chaos, taking out Silva, Abrella, Red Hulk, and Iron Maiden on their way to disable the tower's inner shields, with DaiZyuJin and the other Megazords destroying the outer shields, as well as the enemy forces outside, to give the Avengers Sentai Alliance entry into Iron Babel. The ASA then stop all production on the Iron Legion and destroy every last Legionite before finally confronting Iron Majin and Lord Drakkon.

Avengers & Zyuranger VS Iron Majin & Lord Drakkon.jpg

The final battle starts with Shin and the Avengers facing Iron Majin, and Aka Renger and the Super Sentai against Lord Drakkon, but the fallen heroes had gotten significantly stronger. However, by changing it up to have Shin and the Rangers fight Iron Majin, and Aka Renger and the Avengers to fight Drakkon while using Mjolnir to destroy Drakkon's Hellfriede, the Avengers Sentai Alliance were able to turn the tide. The tyrants were given a chance to surrender and accept responsibility for their crimes, but Iron Majin refused, and kills Drakkon in a failed attempt to use Kiba Ranger and Spider Man as human shields. Feeling that Tony Stark had finally crossed the line by sacrificing Drakkon to avoid the consequences of his actions, Shin finally brutalized and killed the disgraced ex-Avenger in a fit of righteous anger.

Mugen Daizyujin VS Perfect Iron Majin.jpg

Unfortunately, the True Iron Majin is reborn from Tony Stark's corpse, and kills Pepper, but fails to destroy the universe, losing the Dark Infinity Stones and its immortality, which allows the ASA to finally destroy the devil-god with the power of Mugen DaiZyuJin. This marked the end of the war, and the end of Tony Stark and Thanos' misguided schools of thought.


As the Avengers Sentai Alliance rebuilt New York to it's former state, the Sokovia Accords are finally abolished for the damage they caused with the heroes who opposed or violated them being fully being pardoned, the Stark Administration is dissolved and marked as a criminal organization with its survivors working to repair the damage they helped their leader cause, and the Stark legacy is forever tarnished due to Tony rejecting his last chance at redemption, leading Morgan Stark to abandon her family name and go live with Shin's family. After Shin delivers his speech to the universe, the heroes of the Tokuverse all go back home, the Avengers go their separate ways with some of them retiring, and Earth-199999S can continue rebuilding and finally be at peace.


  • This battle is the MvSS analogue of the Battle of Earth, as depicted in Avengers: Endgame.
    • Since Starktopia 01 is technically New York rebuilt in Iron Majin's image, this battle incidentally takes place in the same location as the final battle depicted in the first Avengers movie.
  • The evacuation of Starktopia 01's citizens, followed by it's destruction to restore New York to it's former glory, are respectively (somewhat) metaphorical of the Rapture and Divine Retribution in the end times, as Shin, the instigator of the evacuation, is basically overseeing the literal destruction of Starktopia 01 to restore New York to it's former "pre-Stark Administration" glory, as well as the figurative destruction of Iron Man's "ideal" world.
  • Captain Marvelous dubs this battle as "Great Legend War 3", the "threequel" to two previous similar conflicts which also involved many giant robots[2][3].
  • This battle marked the return of various mecha and some one-off Rangers who have not been seen in a long time[4].
    • The Goggle Caesar, like the other pre-Zyuranger Carrier mecha, is not explicitly shown to return for evacuating civilians, much less fighting the Giant Iron Legion, but it is presumed that Goggle Black and Pink are riding in Goggle Tank and Dump's cockpits respectively, when Goggle Robo returns itself to fight the Iron Legion with the other robos.
    • Magne Warrior returns 40 years after Bioman episode 36[5]. His suit was slightly redesigned to have the Bioman symbol instead of that of the Neogears Empire that created his power set.
    • Titan Boy/Great Titan returns after Flashman's finale 38 years ago[6].
    • X1 Mask returns 37 years after his one-off appearance in Maskman episode 39[7], and Galaxy Robo returns 36 years after the finale[8].
    • Live Boxer returns after Liveman's finale 35 years ago[9].
    • Turbo Rugger returns after Turboranger's finale 34 years ago[10].
    • Star Five returns after Fiveman's finale 33 years ago[11].
    • Tetra Boy returns after being severely damaged 32 years ago in Jetman's finale[12].
    • King Brachion returns after Zyuranger's finale 31 years ago[13].
    • DaiMugen returns after Dairanger's endgame arc 30 years ago[14].
    • The Beast General fighters do not return after Kakuranger's first act, aside from Battle Saruder briefly returning in episode 39[15].
    • King Pyramider returns after Ohranger's finale 28 years ago[16].
    • Victorailer returns after Carranger's finale 27 years ago[17].
    • Giga Rhinos, Phoenix, and Bitus return after being destroyed in Gingaman VS Megaranger(bar Giga Vitus) 25 years ago[18]. One possible explanation for the former two reviving could be Dr. Strange's self-sacrificial Snap.
    • Zeek Jeanne returns after GoGo Five VS Zeek 25 years ago[19], though Kyoko Hayase herself returned to support the Shin Avengers earlier, and Shirogane is implied to be the cause of her powers being restored. The Grand Liner formation also returns after GoGo Five's finale 24 years ago[20], though the Go Liners were used earlier to deploy the 99-Machines and Mars Machines against Iron Man Mk. 25. Max Victory Robo Sigma Project does not return, however.
    • Providus was somehow given the ability to send itself to Starktopia 01 and back, making its first appearance after Timeranger's endgame arc 23 years ago[21], and the first time it fought 24 years after Timeranger episode 38[22]. It's toy-exclusive combination with Time Shadow, called "Shadow Providus" is also used again during the battle with the giant Legionites.
    • Gao God returns after his resurrection in Gaoranger's finale 22 years ago. He is silent, however, due to Hiroshi Masuoka passing away in 2020.
    • Revolver Mammoth returns after Abaranger VS Hurricaneger 20 years ago[23].
    • The Blastasaur Styracosaurus returns after barely surviving Abaranger's finale 20 years ago[24], and it's MaxRyuOh combination is also seen again after Abaranger episode 42[25]. BakuRenOh does not return, however.
    • Though the Dekabase has reappeared before, the DekaBase Robo formation itself returns after Dekaranger's finale 19 years ago[26]. Deka Bright also returns 20 years after Dekaranger episode 40[27], and Blast Buggy returns, along with its combination with Dekaranger Robo after the Dekaranger movie 20 years ago[28].
    • MagiLegend returns after being defeated in Magiranger's finale 18 years ago[29]. This is also the first time it and Magi King are used at the same time since Magiranger VS Dekaranger.
    • Engine Dai-Shogun and GoRoader GT return 16 years after Go-Onger episodes 40[30] and 44[31] respectively.
    • DaiTenkuu and Ushi Origami return after being defeated in Shinkenger's finale 14 years ago[32].
    • Gosei Wonder returns 14 years after Goseiger episode 38[33], and Gosei Ultimate returns after being destroyed in the Great Legend War 13 years ago[2]. The Exotic Brothers do not return, however.
    • Gozyujin returns 11 years after Go-Busters VS Gokaiger[34](though it is destroyed by Iron Majin midway in the battle), and Machalcon returns 12 years after Gokaiger episode 50[35]. The only Legacy Mecha that returned in Gokai form at all was Fuuraimaru, after he previously combined with TriCondor to fight the Iron Man Mk. 22.
    • FS-0O returns after Go-Busters VS Gokaiger 11 years ago[34].
    • The Voltasaur Bragigas returns after ToQger VS Kyoryuger 9 years ago[36], and Tobaspino returns, along with the Spino Daioh formation 11 years after Kyoryuger episode 42[37]. The latter's appearance in Kyoryuger 100 Years After does not count here, chronologically speaking[38].
    • Safari GaOh returns after the ToQger movie 10 years ago[39].
    • GekiAtsuDaioh, Lion Ha-Ojo, and Dinomaru return after Ninninger's epilogue movie 8 years ago[40].
    • Cube Condor returns after Zyuohger's epilogue movie 7 years ago[41], and the auxiliary Cube Weapons(Octopus, Leopard, Platypus, Owl, and Zebra) return after Zyuoher's endgame arc[42].
Robo/Mecha Pilot(s) Main Opponent
Variblune GoRengers Black Dragonzord
Sky Ace JAKQ
Leopardon Spider Man Toku
Battle Fever Robo Battle Fever J
Daidenzin Denzimen
Sun Vulcan Robo Sun Vulcan
Goggle Robo and Goggle Caesar Goggle V Iron Man Mk. 2
Dyna Robo Dynamen
Bio Robo Biomen
Change Robo Changemen
Flash King Flashmen
Flash Titan Drax
Great Five Maskmen
Galaxy Robo X1 Mask
Live Robo and Live Boxer Livemen
Turbo Robo Turborangers
Turbo Rugger Ant Man
Five Robo Fivemen
Star Five Korg
Jet Icarus Jetmen
Jet Garuda Falcon
Tetra Boy Mantis
DaiZyuJin and Dragon Caesar Zyurangers Iron Man Mk. 3
King Brachion N/A
DairenOh and Won Tiger Dairangers
DaiMugen N/A
(Super) Muteki Shogun N/A
Ninjaman N/A
(Super) Kakure DaiShogun Kakurangers
Ohranger Robo Ohrangers
Red Puncher Captain Marvel
Oh Blocker Valkyrie
King Pyramider and Tackle Boy King Ranger
Ganmazin N/A
RV Robo Carrangers
Sirender Signalman
VRV Robo War Machine
Victorailer VRV Master
Galaxy Mega Ant Man
Delta Mega Wasp
Mega Voyager Megarangers
Mega Winger Mega Silver
GingaiOh Gingamen Iron Man Mk. 4
Bull Taurus Ginga Black Knight
Giga Rhinos and Giga Phoenix N/A
Giga Bitus N/A
Victory Robo GoGo Five
Grand Liner Zeek Jeanne
Liner Boy Go Metal
Victory Mars Yondu
Time Robo Timerangers
Time Shadow Time Fire II
Providus Star Lord
V-Rex (Robo) N/A
Gao King Gaorangers
Gao Muscle Striker M'Baku
Gao Hunter Gao Silver
Gao God N/A
Senpuujin Hurricanegers Iron Man Mk. 5
Gouraijin Gouraigers
Tenkuujin Shurikenger
TriCon FuuraiMaru and Revolver Mammoth N/A
AbarenOh Abarangers
KillerOh Abare Killer
MaxOhja and Blast Brachiosaurus Abare Black
Dekaranger Robo Dekarangers
DekaBike Robo Deka Bright
DekaBase Robo Deka Master
DekaWing Robo Deka Break
Magi King Magirangers
Wolkaiser Fire Wolzard Fire
Shining Saintkaiser Magi Mother
Travelion Magi Shine
Magi Legend Wong
DaiBouken Boukengers Iron Man Mk. 6
DaiTanken Thor
Siren Builder Bouken Silver
Dai Voyager Loki
Geki (Rin) Touja Gekirangers
Geki Ultrafire Geki Violet
SaiDaioh Geki Chopper
EngineOh and GunbirOh Go-Ongers
SeikuuOh Go-On Wings
KyoretsuOh Okoye
ShinkenOh and DaiTenkuu Shinkengers
Ika DaikaiOh Shinken Gold
Mogyu Daioh Princess Shinken Red
Gosei Great Goseigers
Gosei Ground Gosei Knight
Gosei Ultimate Sif
(Kanzen) GokaiOh Gokaigers
GoZyuJin Gokai Silver
Go-Buster Oh and Buster Hercules Go-Busters Iron Man Mk. 7
Tategami Li-Oh Hawkeye
Kyoryuzin and Spino Daioh Kyoryugers
PteraidenOh Western Kyoryu Gold
PlezuOh Kyoryu Violet
BragiOh Kyoryu Silver
ToQ-Oh ToQgers
Diesel-Oh Captain America
Build Daioh ToQ 6
Hyper Ressha Teioh ToQ 7
Safari GaOh Nakia
ShurikenJin Ninningers
Bison King Starninger
Lion Haoh N/A
Gekiatsu Daioh Ninnin Red
Zyuoh King and Zyuoh Wild Zyuohgers
Tousai Zyuoh Zyuoh TheWorld
DoudekaiOh Zyuoh Bird

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