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Bastian Balthasar
Type Human
Role Apprentice of the Order of the Key
Age 14
Home World Radiant Gardens
Weapon "Heavy Cross" Keyblade
Attribute Reflect

Bastian is a character in Kingdom Hearts: Enigma Pacman, and was the next-to-last Keybearer to be inducted into the Order of the Key, and was literally "picked up on the way home" by Lectus. He is shy and introverted, but when his friends Mobius and Ofelya are around, he can be much more outgoing. His fighting style is very agressive and heavy-hitting, and his Magic-Drive is influenced by this.


When he discovered his ability to weild a Keyblade, Bastian was 13 years old and had just lost his father to a swarm of Primal Fears. He and his mother fled into the rebuilt town of Radiant Gardens, where they moved into a house that had once belonged to a famous magician. Soon afterwards, Lectus of the Order of the Key asked him if he wanted to learn how to use his newfound skill. He was brought into the Order, where he became friends with Mobius and Ofelya and quickly learned how to use his massive Keyblade "Heavy Cross" to destroy Primal Fears. His partner is Mobius.


Heavy Hit: Performs a crushing hit on an enemy, flattening it for a short time (finisher)

Guard: Reflects attacks and projectiles.

Spin It: Bastian rotates in the air, damaging enemies (air combo finisher)

Berserk Button: If "Guard" fails and Bastian gets hit, he responds with a counter attack.

Heavy Rush: Counter attack triggered by "Berserk Button", Bastian runs towards the enemy and attacks with a flurry of hits.

Sliding Dash: Bastian does a quick slide, pulling himself near the enemy and damaging them (alternate finisher)

Combo Plus: Increases the number of hits in a combo by one.

Critical Plus: Increase percentage of dealing critical hits.

Sk8te Dash (Limit Break): Bastian surfs on his massive Keyblade and slides into enemies, finishes by ramming the Keyblade into the ground causing a shockwave.

Guardian Form

Auto-Reflect: counters every enemy attack with a Reflect spell.

Tables Turn: Slides behind an enemy to attack.

Crush: executes a powerful blow that knocks enemies back (air and ground combo finisher).

Follow Me: dashes after an enemy that was hit with "Crush".

Afterburner: executes a rising arc after "Follow Me"

Critical Multiplier: Multiplies the chance of executing critical hits by 2.

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