Bartok the Magnificent
Type Albino Bat
Role Anti-Hero
Home World Kingdom of The Czars
Weapon Kung-Fu moves


This character originated as the neurotic but kind-hearted bat minion of Rasputin, from the 1997 20th Century Fox animated film, "Anastasia". He also gets a spin-off sequel, apparently known as "Bartok the Magnificent" where he must rescue Prince Ivan from Baba Yaga, but It later turns out to be Ludmilla.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Rise of Chimera

He is hardly noticed from Sora's group

Kingdom Hearts 3: Aqua's Journey

He plays a more larger role in Aqua's storyline, where her group travels in time during his "Bartok the Magnificent" years where they joined him, along with his bear partner, Zozi as they head out to the Iron Forest to find Prince Ivan.

Bartok Kazooie

Bartok makes her full appearance in this film played by Bruno Kirby.

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