Baltus Hafez
Origin The Mummy Returns (2000)
Alias Mr. Hafez
Type Somebody
Role Supporting Antagonist
Home World Egypt
Status Dead
Baltus Hafez was an ex-museum curator who conspired to bring Imhotep back to life.


Hafez is first seen at the remains of Hamunaptra digging for Imhotep. While discovering both the books of Dead and Amun-Ra, Hafez fears what will happen if anyone uses the Amun-Ra book on Imhotep again. After Ed, Jacques and Spivey arrive to report their failure, a scarab outbreak starts as Hafez and his men don't care. When Imhotep is discovered, Maleficent appears before him and suggests a better way for him to show the world how powerful Imhotep is, bring him to London and also give him command of Anubis's army. When the bracelet of Anubis was on the way to London, Hafez orders his men to search for it there. He did not see Ardeth Bey photograph him. Hafez and his men appear in the O'Connell residence to find the bracelet, not knowing Alex O'Connell already put it on his wrist. After much interrogation, Sora and Rick begin their battle. When the chest was taken, Evy is also captured. At the museum, Hafez performs the ritual that brings Imhotep back to life. As Evy vows that Imhotep will die about to be burned, Rick, Ardeth and Sora rescue the girl and the 4 of them fight their way out, first past the cultists, then the undead priests. After the bus battle, Lock-Nah kidnaps Alex. On a train, Hafez explains how Imhotep was first sent to hell then knows he will need Meela Nais. He also decides to have Red, Jacques and Spivey murdered, for they were no longer of use. Both villains and heroes begin to search for Ahm Shere to find the Scorpion King's Golden pyramid. In the oasis, the search was going wrong, when the cultists entered a slaughtering battle with the pygmy mummies. The heroes battle the pygmies and cultists in a three way battle. While Hafez and 2 remainign bodyguards escape, the villainous curator has them sacrifice themselves and promises them they will be rewarded by Allah in Heaven. They fail miserably. After reaching the pyramid, Hafez gets the bracelet and released the army of Anubis. He gloats to Sora and Rick that Imhotep will obtain total power and his army soon, but his hand is then reduced to a skeleton because of some pygmies on the other side. He wandered into the Scorpion King's chambers and was caught by the monster. Hafez called out to Imhotep but he did not care while Hafez was torn to pieces.


  • (to his remaining bodyguards)The two of you must, sacrifice yourselves, for me. (escaping) You shall be rewarded by Allah in heaven!
  • (taunting Rick and Sora)O'Connell, you and Sora are too late! I have unleashed the army of Anubis. You will never stop it now! Lord Imhotep will kill the Scorpion King and take command!

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