The Baldr-class Heavy Command Cruiser, alternatively designated as the Baldr-class Carrier, was a series of Heavy Command Cruisers operated by the Lucid Empire during the 80's and 90's DC. 

The Baldr-class was designed in the late 70's DC as a successor to the Njord-class Heavy Command Cruiser, at the time Lucidia's only Heavy Command Cruisers. Of the three vessels planned, only two was completed before production shifted to the Unterwerfer-class Heavy Command Cruiser. Both ships served in the Lucidian War but with a lack of sufficient aircraft, they fell prey to Haosian Marines and rebel forces.

List of Baldr-class Heavy Command Cruisers (2)

-SMS Baldr (Captured by Haosian Marines during the Lucidian War, 94 DC, later sold to the General Resource Defense Force and recommissioned as the GRNS Defiant, 121 DC)

-SMS Mimir (Captured by Terrorist Group "A World With No Boundaries," later destroyed by air raids by the Septiman Military, November 94 DC)

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