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"Ayano is back in buisness... "
—Ayano Katagiri
Ayano Katagiri
Name Ayano Katagiri
Original Fanon Ayano Katagiri
Alias The God That Failed
Type None
Alignment Evil
Age 13 (Set Age. Cannot age any further)
Home World Reach
Rival Noe-00A/Destiny's Reach
Weapon Cyber Muramasa, Dual Pistols
Attribute None
Aytano Katagiri is the enemy of Noe-00A and the XVI of the Neo Holy Blade Order. Having the ability to edit reality making her title the "The God That Failed". She has exceptional abilities using both swords and guns, Because of her overexposure to The Neutral.


Being overexposed to the Neutral her left eye exterminated her seal and forcibly using her geass with the ability to alter reality once she thinks of changing anything she activates her geass and uses it, even if it isn't intentional. Her clothes are now a Japanese School Girl Uniform or Sailor Fuku. Her hairbands changed along with her weapons from using guns to swords. She has a more Japanese theme torwards her clothing.


Because of constant death's in the Final Remnant her personality changes to a bit more darker and she dosen't talk to much. Afraid of death and greatly disliking negative things she commonly avoid most antagonist's in the Destiny's Reach dimension. She is shy and a bit silent, she tends to avoid battles and summon a clone to battle for her. She likes cute things.


In Progress...


Reality Switch

Having the ability to change reality just by thinking about it resulting into multiple catastrophic events. She dosen't like to use this ability and continues to stop it's activation. Unlike before, she dosen't have a Geass anymore but, rather the power of it sticking on to her left eye and the geass exterminated. It can have unlimited activations (She commonly stops activation, through), However, could damage her HP as it actually inficts pain unto the user of the ability. Sadly it's only limited to cutscenes thus, making this a cutscene only ability.

Weapon Swap

From the current Cyber Muramasa into Dual Pistols she can easily swap by pushing down both analog stick sticks (Xbox 360). The Cyber Muramasa has stronger damage but, can only be used for Close Quarters Battle, and not for Long ranged battles. Her Dual Pistols have a weaker damage but, a can be used to shoot the enemy 18 times, and then reload.

Ex Burst


By repedtedly tapping X (In the 360 Controller) Judgement can be executed. Multiple gunfires followed by a swift execution using the Cyber Muramasa, can infict high damage against the enemy and will decrease his stats by 5%, and decreasing her attack by 5%.

Ex Mode


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