Sure, I sense Axna's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Original Name Ana
Type Nobody
Role Protagonist
Home World Destiny Islands
Weapon Kairi's Keyblade, Star Seeker
Attribute Light

Axna is the Nobody of Ana and can wield a keyblade, because she has a strong connection to Xirbealg who is the chosen wielder of the Realm of In-Between. She uses the power of Light. When she was whole, she remained unaware that she was the daughter of Sora and Kairi.
Axna has searched endlessly for a meaning for her existence along side Xirbealg, wandering the worlds in search of an answer. She is been able to wield her mother's keyblade.


After living on Destiny Islands for 13 years Gabriel wanted to travel the worlds and find a new family so he was accompanied by Ana but when they left to The World That Never Was by traveling through the corridors of darkness, they was attacked by a Twilight Thorn. Even after putting up a fight, using there late parents' keyblades, they was defeated, and therefore turned into Heartless. There Nobodies were immediately born In Twilight Town.

After living in the Old Mansion of Twilight Town for 2 years, she fully mastered the use of light. She spent countless hours training in the virtual world with Xirbealg.


Axna and Xirbealg left the mansion and started wandering around Twilight Town. Eventually, they took the disney train to Yen Sid's tower, and became his apprentice and obtained the Star Seeker keychain. She learned of Akatsuki from her new master as well as that she was Sora and Kairi's daughter. She met up with Nathan after he searched for her and Xirbealg in twilight town. She was recently sent on a mission alongside King Mickey, Nathan and Xirbealg. She is now rank II in Organization XXI. She tried to calm down Xirbealg during his blood-thirsty frenzy and got attacked by him, therefore leaving for the time being.


Xirbealg realizes he still feels emotions and misses Axna. Axna returns to see the group and is convinced by Nathan and Xirbealg to stay. She reveals to have gotten stronger and trains with the rest of the organization in an all out battle to see who is strongest and ffor practice. In the end it was just the three friends, Xirbealg, Axna, and Nathan. Axna and Xirbealg took out Nathan together by using their group limit break, and then the two were tied and collapsed side by side and hand in hand.

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