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La Lutte Pour Presque Rien
Axane (HQ)
Kana アクシーシ ("Akushiin")
Number XI
Title The Light of Faith
Weapon Spears
Attribute Light
Original name Anea
"Your Light... don't let it out of your sight!"

Journal entry


La Lutte's #11, the Nobody of Anea and the biological sister of Yrax. Uses the Light element. She is probably the most reserved member of the lot, and, like Xelak, would rather sit alone and read. She took the death of Yrax rather hard on herself, but every single member in La Lutte tries to persuade her to move on. She is especially close to Xiggie.




Fighting Style and Abilities

Main article: Axane/Abilities


In cutscenes

  • "Your light... don't let it get out of your sight!"
  • "My--- my sister wanted--- all Nobodies to be free from their predicament! And freedom by death is wrong. If humanity supports life, we underlings cannot be denied it!"

Theme Song

Axanes theme song is Good Enough by Evanescence, and her battle theme is Going Under, also by Evanescence.

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