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Avril de Tilly
Kana 4月ティリー

4 Tsuki tirī (Transliteration)

Origin Original Character
Original Name Avril Mazarine Marie de Tilly
Type Human
Role Keyblade Master of the Keyblade Order of the Red Rose
Age 25
Home World Saint-Illiers
Weapon Solidarité
Attribute Light
Status Alive

Avril Mazarine Marie de Tilly-Pingeot is a Keyblade Master in Kingdom Hearts: Marche au Supplice.

Early Life

Avril was born sometime around October 159 BDC in Saint-Illiers. Little is known about her personal life. She became a Keyblade Master at the age of 21 and diligently serves as a member of the Keyblade Order.

Marche au Supplice

Appearance & Attire

Avril stands at 5'9" and is of a somewhat curvy build. She has dark brown hair and blue colored irises. Avril's attire consist of a blue bolero jacket with light blue sleeves over a white leotard, white boots and light blue three-quarter pants.


Weapons& Fighting Style