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A basic map of Avastar. Note the locations of the areas.
Origin Fan-made
Stories Avastar: Kingdom Hearts

Avastar is a fan-made world and the main setting of Avastar: Kingdom Hearts. It may be one of the largest worlds in the Kingdom Hearts universe to date.

In contrast to the Kingdom Hearts Universe, the world of Avastar is very distant and isolated from the rest of the worlds, which is revealed to be an attempt by T to keep the world safe from foreign visitors. The World's Laws on Avastar differ very greatly from the universal Laws of the Kingdom Hearts worlds, so much, in fact, that one would show bizarre symptoms[1] before dying very painfully upon exposure to other World's Laws. Yen Sid's magic was able to find a way around these symptoms, however, sparing Owen, Stella, and Harold's lives upon accidentally stumbling into the Mysterious Tower and the Wastelands. The only known world with World's Laws compatible with Avastar is, for some reason, the Dark City (more specifically, The World That Never Was). Because of these situations, it is the first priority of any inter-world traveler from Avastar to ensure that no one knows where they came from. This is a precautionary step initiated by T.


Avastar is home to many rolling hills, craggy mountains, grassy plains, murky marshes, and desolate wastelands. In fact, it is almost exactly the same as our own planet Earth, albeit the geographics, species, and laws of physics.[2] Avastar is made up of 7 continents and 4 major oceans.

As Avastar: Kingdom Hearts takes place on this world alone, there are instead visitable areas that function the same way worlds do. Several familiar places in anime and manga series, notably Fullmetal Alchemist and Naruto, are a few of theses areas.



  • Although it is never explained in Avastar: Kingdom Hearts, LegoAlchemist has given insight on Avastar's origins: It is a clone of planet Earth that was accidentally created in an alternate, parallel reality sometime during the American Civil War. [3]


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