Eyrie Building
Origin Disney's Gargoyles
Games Kingdom Hearts III: Vengeance
Ally Goliath
Keyblade Wielders n/a
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Theme Music When Superstition and the Sword Ruled
Battle Music We Live Again!
Avalon is the Huge Place, Based Off The 1990's TV Series Gargoyles.

World Cast

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The Wyvern Clan

Human Allies



The Age of Gargoyles

Over a thousand years ago, around the time when the one world formed into many, there lived a race of creatures known as the "Gargoyles". In daylight then turned to stone, only to awaken when night fell. This powerful creatures were winged guardians of the night, both respected and feared by the humans of the world known as "Avalon".

One such clan of gargoyles protected a cliffside castle known as "Wyvern". Led by Goliath, the only one of their kind known to have been named, the Gargoyles tried to live in harmony with the humans. But they refused to trust them, treating them like monsters, even after being saved from viking invaders by the Wyvern clan.

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