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Type Chocobo
Role Protagonist
Age Unknown
Home World Unknown
Family Shade, Blizzard, and Dusk (Children)
Weapon Talons
Attribute None
Status Alive

Autumn is an adult Chocobo that appears in Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos. Formerly in the possession of Mogmi, Autumn ran away from home after the Moogle left to make munny and have a life of his own. She later started a family and came to Castle Oblivion through unknown means in search of her former master. She then is the initiator of the Chocobo Hunt mini-game.


Autumn is a large, adult-sized Chocobo, big enough for a human to ride. She is covered with brilliant orange feathers that serve as her namesake. Her large, yellow talons are the same color as her formidable beak, allowing both to be used as weapons to defend her family. She also has orange markings on both of these areas.

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