Auto is a central boss of Rubbish Sector in Kingdom Hearts Pixar. He is the main protagonist and thirf of four villainery controlling the heartless.

Auto Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki
Katakana ウギー・ブギー [1]
Romaji Auto
Type Somebody
Games Kingdom Hearts PIXAR

He is fought in the Control Room Area of the large carrier ship of Rubbish Sector and upon defeat clears the skies and earth below bringing back it's life.

He was a member of other suppordinate bosses known as the Villainery.


Auto attacks are mechanical, difficult and extremely complicated.

He is a large white wheel positioned at the front of the room sending hordes of robotic heartless in your direction who prove to be too much and there is a time limit to clear them too.

Try transforming into Time Tunneller to clear the enemies in the required time and then for fighting Auto switch to Master Machine form in Drive so you wield both the Rubbish Sector Keyblade and the ancient rune recovered by Eve which boost your MP and attacks.

Attack Auto as much as possible but be prepared as he quickly counter-attacks the time limit enemies begin again.

Also should scan be equipped you may see his health bar to look different and glow blue.
This bar means only special drive form attcks and use of the room's main control boards will deplenish his HP.

Eventually on the fourth stage of repeat performance Auto will then be released from his wheel and fall to the ground becoming dark black.

You may now Valor form and finish him in combat attacks.

However take too long to deplenish Auto and he will attach to the wheel again and double the amount of control boards will be required to engage again,

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