Auriel D3
Kana ?
Romaji ?
Origin Diablo 3
Original Name Auriel
Type Supernatural (Archangel
Role Ally
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Home World Mysterious Tower/Crystal Arch/Daybreak Town
Family None
Weapon Al'maiesh, the Cord of Hope
English Voice ?
Japanese Voice ?
Auriel is the character originally from Diablo 3.

In [[Kingdom Hearts: In The Heart Of The Celestial Realm|KH: ITHOTCR], she sometimes appears to Yen Sid in Mysterious Tower and Five Keyblade Fortunetellers in Daybreak Town. She is also seen in Dark Margin, glowing with light eternally, where the portal leads to Farplane, Pandemonium and such.

It is said that she has eternal light that can connect to 13 Princesses of Heart, Warriors of Light and 13 Seekers of Light to deal with 13 Seekers of Darkness.

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