Auric Goldfinger
Origin Goldfinger (1964)
Alias Goldfinger
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Home World James Bond universe
Weapon Golden Gun
Status Dead
Auric Golgfinger was the main villain of Goldfinger, the 3rd Bond movie.


Auric Goldfinger is first seen easily loosing a gambling match when his cheating is discovered by James Bond and Sora. Sora goes to his hotel room to spend an evening with Kairi while Bond has his with Jill Masterson. It ends prematurely when Oddjob sneaks him and covers Jill Masterson in gold paint. Bond and Sora's group meet Auric at a golf course and "have fun with Mr. Goldfinger". They also meet Oddjob, the silent bodyguard of Goldfinger. After Bond wins, Goldfinger and Oddjob drive off. in Switzerland, Tilly Masterson tries to kill Auric at his factory, only to be discovered and is killed by Oddjob. While Sora's friends escape, Sora and Bond are captured and strapped to a table with a sharp laser above them. Bond convinces Goldfinger to let them live and the businessman keeps them as prisoners. In Kentucky, Goldfigner fails to notice that Sora's friends destroyed an Auric Enterprises warehouse. The genius has a meeting with several gangsters on his plan, Operation Grand Slam. The plan is to sneak into Fort Knox undetected and blow it with a nuke, irradiating the gold for 57 (or 58) years. As Delta 9 gas kills the other gangsters, Solo is killed by Oddjob. At Fort Knox, a harmless gas is sprayed and Sora's friends and the soldiers around the fort play dead (even one group knocking down a truck before doing so). As the bomb timer starts ticking, Sora, Bond, Kisch and Oddjob are trapped in the vault. The army awakens as does Kairi, Riku, Donald and Goofy. As Mr. Ling tries to warn his boss, he is shot by Goofy who took a gun from a Korean loyal to Goldfinger. Kisch is killed by Oddjob and Bond and Sora fight Oddjob before trying to disarm the bomb. An atomic specialist saves the day at 7 seconds. On the way to the White House by plane, Goldfinger ambushes the heroes and threatens he will be in Cuba. As Goldfinger is distracted, Sora and Bond begin their attack and fight Goldfinger before the cabin is depressurized and the madman is sent out to his death.


  • No Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.
  • We my people, have climbed Mount Everest, gone to the ocean's bottom, fired rockets at the moon, split the atom, and achieved miracles in every human endeavor field...except CRIME!

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