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Sure, I sense Aunt Meadow The Seedrian (SRC)'s prescence, but I can't see anything!
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"The only people that know of our location is our friends, Galaxina. We should not have trouble with anything else."
—Aunt Meadow to Galaxina during Chapter 26

Aunt Meadow The Seedrian is the eldest of the Seedrians introduced in Chapter 21. She is Galaxina's, Violet's, and Starla's aunt. Although a minor character in the story, she serves to be a faithful mother figure towards the other three Seedrians in SRC.


Aunt Meadow has only one design in Sonic's Reality Check.

  • Purple and white petal-like dress
  • Yellow gem on chest
  • Two pinecones on the side of her head to form a sort of hairstyle


Aunt Meadow has a personality similar to that of a kind mother. She looks over her neices with care, as well as takes good care of the flower patch she and her neices live at. She doesn't like violence at all, and she also seems to have more calmer and rational thinking than Galaxina; she also has a determination to protect things that need to be protected until they are ready to face the world, so she stays with the flowers at her flower garden to make sure they bloom correctly and properly.

Being of a plant-based species called Seedrians, she also can, when in a calm state, communicate with plant life when in a meditative stance.

Aunt Meadow's Role

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  • Aunt Meadow referred to herself as "Meadow" in Chapter 21, although all other references of her name her Aunt Meadow.
  • Although Aunt Meadow's character is canon in Sonic X, her name for SRC is completely fanon, as her real name was never said in all adaptions of Sonic X.
  • Aunt Meadow is the only Seedrian character that does not have an ability with the gem she owns.
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