Audimancy (オディマンシ, Odimanshi) is the magic of harnessing the power of sounds and music to perform offensive, defensive, and restorative spells that appears in Kingdom Hearts Legacy. Audimancers channel music into magic through an instrument of some sort, through which they play the music that becomes Audimancy spells. Audimancy is a difficult magic to master becuase the Audimancer must already have the talent to play a musical instrument. The advancement from a musician to an Audimancer usually requires classes to be taken, although they are not necessary to harness the magic. One such institution that teaches Audimancy to aspiring musicians is the school at Shrine City.

As previously mentioned, Audimancy is the magic of sound and music. The type of spell that is cast depends on the music or musical device played by the casting Audimancer. For example, if an Audimancer were to play a crescendo, which means to gradually get louder, a succession of spells would be released over a period of time, each more powerful than the last. Likewise, if he were to play staccato notes, which are notes that are short, quick spells would be released, dealing the same damage as a regular spell in half the time.

Unlike such popular spells such as Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard, Audimancy spells are non-elemental, and deal a neutral damage to its victims that is unaffected by elemental defenses.

Currently, the only well-known Audimancer is Professor Elica, who teachers Audimancy in Shrine City.


Name Description Target
Staccato Several short attacks are dealt to an enemy. Single enemy
Legato A long, elongated attack that deals extra damage to all foes. All enemies
Crescendo Several attacks in succession, each stronger than the last. All enemies
Decrescendo Sevearl attacks in succession, each weaker than the last. All enemies
Ritardando The opponent's speed is gradually slowed. All enemies
Accelerando The party/caster's speed is gradually increased. Party
Sharp Tone Absorbs enemy's HP at the cost of extra MP. Single enemy
Flat Tone Absorb enemy's MP at the cost of HP. Single enemy
Solo Provides additional defense against an enemy's elemental specialty. Party
Fermata Powerful sound drains a foe's strength until the caster is attacked. Single enemy

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