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Type Kage-Shin
Weapon Kunai
Attribute Fire
Atreena is a fire-type Kage-Shin who serves under the Shadow Emperor as a hgh ranking soldier. 


Atreena has the appearance of a young woman with dark auburn hair, clad in black armour, black leather gloves and a red crocheted cape with a high stand collar.


Shows little of emotion, cold and looks down on Keyblade Bearers as a natural enemy of the darkness and the Shadow Emperor, gaining a philosophy that the Keyblade represents Light as order and thKage-Shin represents Darkness as Chaos. Even so far as to refer humans as one of the weakest life forms in the known existence.


Atreena was part of the invasion force under the command of Fortis to find the artefacts in the Magix realm for their goals, leaving behind destruction from her path until she received news from the Acolyte of the Keyblade Bears: Sora and one of the Princess of the Hearts Kairi's sudden arrival and joined to locate and kill. She along with Gree'ask and the former Titans went on their journey to search for their targets to eliminate when on a planet.



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