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Ashall Clarke
Alias The Locker, Ash
Type Somebody
Age 15
Home World Radiant Garden
Family pending
Weapon Keyblade (Inheritance)
Attribute Light
Status Alive

Ashall Clarke is the main character of Eclipse of Kingdom Hearts


Early life

Until he was fifteen years old, Ashall lived in the bright city of Radiant Garden. When he was eight, Heartless began returning to the world. This wasn't a problem for Ashall, as he simply got better at outrunning them as more came to his world. He lived with his familiy until one dark night when he was fourteen.

The Coming of the Unversed

Heading home from a day with his friends one day, he encountered a monster he'd never seen before. It reminded him of the Shadows that lived on the edges of town. This monster was an electric blue, however, and ended in multiple points. It wasn't hard for him to get away, but more and more began appearing at a rapid rate. The Radiant Garden Restoration Committee couldn't keep up. When Ashall went home one day, his family was simply gone. No sign of a struggle. No anything. The next day, he signed up with the Restoration Committee.

Ashall hadn't even finished his training when the Ex-King, Oswald arrived on the committee's doorstep and told him the dire news; that Kingdom Hearts was steadily degrading. Heartless are breeding like mad, and creatures born of negative emotions are appearing out of nowhere, with no explanation to their existance. He passes one of his Keyblades along to Ashall, and they head off to help stop this threat.


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